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Lean Accelerator Study Tour in Japan

Tour development and delivery for consultants worldwide

At Zenkai Improvement Partners, collaboration is the name of the game. Our primary objective is to work with consultants around the world who are looking to develop their own branded study experience in Japan.

No longer do you have to rely on the ready-made tour offerings that are out there on the market. By partnering with Zenkai, you become the owner of the experience and are a full partner in choosing the content and scheduling that best suits you and your clients.

By working closely with Zenkai leadership, tour builders will gain access to the most sought-after training content and company visits available nationwide. Our dedication to your satisfaction ensures that together, we will create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your valued customers.

Zenkai Improvement Partners not only works with collaboration partners but also works for them by creating tour products and study experiences that consultants can then offer to their customers. Consideration is always given to tour pricing, taking into account the business needs of our collaboration partners.

As the industry leading B to B provider, Zenkai taps into its extensive background in large event creation, tour logistics provision and professional congress management to offer flawless delivery of every engagement. With more than 30 years in the event industry, the professionals at our parent company Midas Communications Ltd., guarantee that no detail gets overlooked.

Please feel free to get in touch with us today to kick off the discussion. It takes a minimum of three to four months to pull together a full tour so please keep that in mind when considering your tour.

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What does the Lean Accelerator Study Tour offer?

Does your organization have difficulty sustaining improvement? Does it seem like the same old bad habits and bad behaviors creep back into your organization and wipe out the gains of previous CI initiatives? If you are ready to break that cycle and revitalize your organization’s kaizen culture, it’s time to book your place on a Lean Accelerator Study Tour in Japan.

Participants will learn from internationally acclaimed TPS leaders and other industry professionals who make it their business to add value to yours by instilling the spirit of continuous improvement into all levels of your organization. It’s a unique opportunity to get an up-close look into the inner workings of world class manufacturers, health care organizations and other service providers who have made a name for themselves in the operational excellence world.

Each tour is a perfect balance of classroom learning, hands on training, factory visits, and collaborative workshops, with a sprinkling of cultural experiences thrown in. Zenkai Improvement Partners works closely with trainers and certification organizations throughout Japan to tailor content to the needs of the group.

Special attention will be paid to the topic of Respect for People, one of the key principles of The Toyota Way in 2001. By vocalizing their commitment to individual stakeholders, Toyota has recognized the value add that is the result of concerted teamwork and individual efforts to drive improvement throughout their business.

Veteran tour facilitators Reiko Kano and David Fitzpatrick lead the participants through a fully customized week of learning and hands on experiences designed to deepen your understanding of the kaizen mindset and the essential traits of a lean leader. With a combined experience of over 50 years facilitating and interpreting for TPS events worldwide. Zenkai tour leaders guarantee that nothing gets lost in translation.

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Program fee includes:

  • Completely customizable 6-day tour in Japan
  • Tokyo, Nagoya or Fukuoka start option
  • Pre-departure seminar for participants (1 hour)
  • Training seminars with TPS leaders
  • Factory visits and cultural experiences
  • Textbook for all training sessions
  • Accommodation for 6 nights (4 star or higher)
  • 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 or 5 dinners
  • All domestic transport during tour
  • Completion Certificate
  • Language facilitation
  • Road mapping session at completion
  • Follow up seminar (if requested)

Unless otherwise requested, tours will be scheduled to start at 4pm on the Sunday and will officially end on Friday evening. Hotel check out will be on Saturday morning, but extension of stay can be arranged at the participant’s expense.

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Supplier Matching and Support

Offering a wide range of business process outsourcing solutions and agency services including brand protection and trademark registration, Zenkai’s team of bilingual professionals will do what it takes to make your work easier.


Japan Market Entry Support

Is your organization looking to break into the Japanese market? Or perhaps you are already here but need some support or solutions advise? Either way, Zenkai Improvement Partners is ready to roll up our sleeves and pitch in.



Zenkai Improvement Partners collaborates with lean consultants around the world to provide optimized training and consulting solutions based on the best Japanese management practices available.



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